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Historic Registers

Nominating an individual property or an entire district to the National Register of Historic Places can be a daunting task. HistoryTech can handle the entire process with expertise and efficiency.

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Architectural History

Our team members take architectural documentation, evaluation, and historical research to a new level, helping to place your property into context and determine its significance.

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Historic Deed Platting

Using state of the art Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping technology, HistoryTech can help vividly illustrate the history of a property, or help solve long-standing mysteries regarding ownership, boundaries, etc.

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Founded in 2005, HistoryTech (formerly The Antiquaries) is a small, client-focused historic preservation consulting firm based in Lynchburg, Virginia. Services offered include National Register of Historic Places Nominations, Historic Structures Reports, Building and Land Research, Deed Mapping, and Genealogical Research. The firm works primarily with private landowners, developers, architectural firms, local governments, and stakeholder groups/grassroots organizations.